About us


I began roasting coffee around the year 2006.  After my uncle purchased a 1/4 lb. coffee roaster for himself, I was inspired and decided I wanted to give it a try, as well.  I bought my first roaster and started my own roasting journey shortly thereafter.  In the last 12 years, the roasters have gotten bigger and my tastes much more refined.

    Though I do all the roasting myself, Cadence Coffee Roasters is a family business.  My wife, Anna, and I met at a coffee shop, had coffee beans on our wedding table, and our days have always started (and typically end) with good coffee.  After many, many years, we finally get to share that coffee with you, and we're so excited.

    When we're not working, we enjoy doing all kinds of things with our two little girls; we love traveling, gardening, basketball, mountain adventures and just about anything outside. We're so thankful to have the freedom to explore what we love, and we thank God for the support and love from so many around us.  


    David & Anna